We're revolutionizing how children are taught.

We're a Conrad Challenge team creating ZyTab: An innovative solution to the education needs of the children of Third World Countries.


Why We Need ZyTab ?

ZyTab : An educational tablet unlike any other...

Instead of sending 5.2 million more teachers, a task even UNESCO regards as nearly impossible to do for developing countries, we at ZyTab thought - what if we could provide these key factors for a child’s success in school and early learning through another way?
Enter the ZyTab.

The ZyTab is a literacy tablet designed to help students learn how to read and experiment with fundamental subjects at home through fun and engaging activities.

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The Team

Our team formed at the machine learning Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes at Stanford, when our two members, Madhav and Brett, met.
Driven by common interests in education field and entreperneurship, we thought entering the Conrad Challenge in the SMART Educaton Category would be interesting.

Brett Kim | CEO

Asian public affairs and culture enthusiast, machine learning/Big Data buff, loves engaging people in new projects.

Madhav Sharma | CTO

Designer and creator of the software running ZyTab : OCR and ZyHub. Interested in learning : mine and machines.